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Government of Republic of Slovenia

Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology



The Ministry performes tasks in the field of higher education, research, technology, metrology and promotion of the information society in the areas not covered by other ministries. The ministry also co-ordinates work in the field of the information society.




German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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The BMBF has many different tasks at national level within the framework of its responsibilities under the Basic Law. They include:

  • Legislative, policy and coordination tasks for non-school initial and continuing vocational training
  • Research promotion
  • Legislation on training assistance and the funding thereof (in conjunction with the Länder)
  • The promotion of gifted school students, trainees and students and the fostering of young scientific talent
  • The promotion of international exchanges of trainees, students, persons taking part in continuing education, instructors as well as scientists

Until responsibilities are redistributed within the framework of the Federalism Reform, the tasks of the BMBF also include:

  • Regulation of general policy in the higher education sector
  • Education planning (in conjunction with the Länder)
  • The extension and construction of institutions of higher education, including teaching hospitals (in conjunction with the Länder)

The BMBF supports research through:

  • The promotion of basic research and the respective organizations working in this field (in conjunction with the Länder)
  • The promotion of key technologies, particularly in the fields of health research, biotechnology, information technology, ecological research and mobility, research and development for employment and innovative work, transport and aerospace, and marine technology
  • Promotion of state preventive research in the fields of the environment, climate, ecology and health, the promotion of marine and polar resaerch, resaerch and development to improve working conditions, resaerch in education and training, and resaerch in the field of the humanties and social sciences