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  • Strategic management of Information science and IS
  • Complete support to IT projects realization
  • Complete solutions
  • IT outsourcing
  • Business studies
  • Quality management
  • Business processes optimisation
  • Acquiring of EU funds
  • Transition to the information society
  • Training
  • Contractual Relationships in the field of IT
  • Consulting in the Public Procurement process.

Our target market is presented by demanding environments, from Public Administration to Public and Private Sector, in Slovenia and abroad, which are searching for efficient solutions in the field of Informatics and Management. We employ experts from the fields of Informatics, Management, Economy, Organization and Law, who can solve the most demanding problems with their knowledge and experience. By performing qualitative services, we achieve our clients' trust and satisfaction, which enable our existence, development and growth. In 2002, we gained the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate for consulting in the fields of information technologies and project management. Since 2005, the certificate is also valid for the field of business analyses.   



University Clinical Center Ljubljana. The University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMC) is a public health care institution providing medical services at the secondary and tertiary level. Primary care is also offered at the Divison of Gynaecology.
The UMC is the leading medical institution in Slovenia and one of the largest hospitals in central Europe. It covers  all  subspecialties that define a hospital as a tertiary care centre (except adult psychiatry), and operates an extensive and successful transplantation programme. As the main training base for the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana, the UMC effectively combines  clinical work with education and research.



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metanomics. metanomics Health applies metabolite profiling to develop tools and solutions for drug discovery and development, diagnostics and nutritional research. metanomics Health develops and utilizes the technology of metanomics GmbH which is one of the largest and most innovative mass-spectrometry based metabolite profiling companies worldwide.

Metabolite profiling (or metabolomics) enables the measurement of a wide range of metabolites, including unknown compounds and novel small molecules. Using innovative bioinformatics and data mining tools metabolite profiling data integrated with other data is the basis for system wide interpretation of complex biological functions, responses or regulations.
metanomics Health cooperates with leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to support and accelerate decision making in different phases of drug development, and to develop new diagnostics.





Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology (Potsdam-Golm).  The mission of the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology is to study the dynamics of plant metabolism in the context of the plant system as a whole. Since the system is more than a collection of genes and gene products, we focus our efforts on how these components dynamically interact over time and under different conditions.

By combining traditional biological approaches with techniques relevant to functional genomics, we are forming a holistic view of structure, function, dynamics and regulation of entire plant genomes, proteomes and metabolomes.


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Jozef Stefan Institute. The Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research.The staff of around 800 specializes in natural science, life sciences and engineering.The main subjects concern production and control technologies, knowledge technologies, biotechnologies new materials, environmental technologies, nanotechnologies, and nuclear engineering.
The institute devotes a considerable amount of effort to transferring the results of its research and knowledge to productive applications and to the market.