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Asst. Prof. Kristina Gruden, Ph.D.

NIB Representative

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National Institute of Biology
Department of Systems Biology and Biotechnology
Vecna pot 111
1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 423 33 88 ext. 258



Curriculum vitae


Associate professor dr. Kristina Gruden, has defended her PhD thesis with the title 'Cysteine proteases from the gut of Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata SAY): possible application in biological control of the insect' at University of Ljubljana in 1999. She has conducted short term postdoctoral stay at Plant Research International in Wageningen, The Netherlands in 2000. Already during her PhD she was combining the experiments on the gene and protein level.

With the development of high troughput techniques for study of biological problems she entered the field of systemic approaches during her stay at Plant Research International in the area of transcriptomics. She was project manager of two projects founded by Slovenian research agency dealing with development of transcriptomic tools (first one started in 2001), one of them is still ongoing, that resulted in publication of some scientific papers. With the increased capacity of DNA microarrays and real-time PCR technology she began with the introduction of ‘easy to use’ bioinformatics system which included also development of some tools needed for efficient data analysis. In parallel, also the project (ARRS founded) for introduction of proteomics tools was launched in 2004.

She is also project manager of several industry founded projects for trancriptomics applications in drug development and drug production.