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Prof. Maja Ravnikar, Ph.D.

Leader Work Package 4

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National Institute of Biology
Department of Biotechnology and Systems Biology
Vecna pot 111
1000 Ljubljana

+386 1 423 33 88 ext. 259



Curriculum vitae


Formal education
As a young researcher, Maja Ravnikar successfully finished her PhD thesis with the title “Physiological and anatomic-morphological studies of jasmonic acid influence on the growth and development of plants in vitro” in 1991, under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Nada Gogala, at Department of Biology, BF, University of Ljubljana.

Employment and management functions
  • Employed at the National Institute of Biology since 1984.
  • Since 2001 she has been the head of the Department of Plant Physiology and Biotechnology at the Institute. She is former head of Instrumental Central Planta that was founded in 1994 from the Centre for Plant Tissue Cultures and Virology of the Institute of Biology Ljubljana. In 1994 and 2004 she became the head of the research programme “Plant Physiology and Biotechnology” financed by the the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. The programme was evaluated by Slovenian Research Agency as one of the top 19 research programmes in 2004.
  • Member of the Management Board of the National Institute of Biology.
  • Together with other members of the Department she introduced research work on the biology and on the development of detection methods for plant pathogens. She is the head of the laboratory for detection of plant pathogens which is authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food for official diagnostics of plant pathogens. Plant pathogen diagnostics is performed for Phytosanitary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food), Phytosanitary Inspection Service and commercially.
  • She is head of several basic, applied and international projects.

Functions in Slovene and international commeetees
Member of the Management Board of the Technology Park Ljubljana and a member of the Council for Technology Development at the Ministry of the Economy.

  • Member of Scientific committee for the deliberate release of GMOs into the environment and placing products on the market (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology). She is also a member of the Management Committee of the Centre for Functional Genomics and Biochip technology in Slovenia. She is also a member of Centre of Excellence for pharmacy and biotechnology.
  • Member of Committee for Plant Health at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, and a member of Expert board for targeted research projects (Ministry of defence and Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.
  • Active member of European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation in the Panel of Bacteriology.