Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - SYSTHER

WorkPackage 3 - MIS/MIT Clinical trial

Leader: Primoz Rozman, Ph.D.

The research carried out by members of the project team concentrates on “micro-immuno-surgery/micro-immuno-targeting” (MIS/MIT) methods, which is a new method of activating of T cells.

The general principle behind MIS is modulation of immune response in patients with oncological diseases. It is not sufficient to attack only the tumour cells, but also the tumour-protecting T suppressor cells must be attacked both on the humoral and cellular level. Thus, the tumour protecting machinery of the T cells is removed. Activation of APCs has to be accomplished so that the T cells can also be activated and can recognize the tumour cells. Therefore, MIS/MIT treatment is unblocking the patient’s immune system, as well as injecting specially prepared (allogenic mononuclear) cells, which “educate” the patient’s immune system to fight cancer cells.