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Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin - SFB 1315

Equal Opportunity

Planned Measures

According to DFG guidelines, the CRC will implement measures to support family-friendly work environments and gender equality. (See DFG toolbox for Gender Equality in Research and Academia).


Planned and current gender equality measures:

Women's guest scientist program, and gender awareness workshops
In its planned symposium series, the SFB will host invited speakers on memory consolidation-related themes with an emphasis on female speakers, and including gender-related talks. Please send your suggestions for speakers to Marylu Grossman at the SFB coordination office.
GeCo-Gender Consulting for Research Alliances - METIS
SFB1315 joined the HU's Metis platform in July 2019, to share a wealth of best practises in gender and family friendly measures with other alliances. Visit us on the Metis platform.
Brenda Milner Award
Named after the British-Canadian scientist Brenda Milner (15 July 1918-), the CRC will give the award to an early stage female scientist in the CRC (postdoc, junior researcher). The prize comes with 15.000 EUR to be used toward project consumables and travel for project-related collaboration.
The SFB is committed to increasing the number of women in science. Thus, the SFB also offers female highschool students from schools throughout Berlin, the chance to gain insights into research in neuroscience. Visiting female students can spend a day with a female/male neuroscience researcher, in cooperation with the HU's "Club Lise." (Contact Susanne Spintig). To join as mentor, Team Assistant Serenella Brinati, is your contact at the SFB (See our poster).
Mentoring in member institutions


Harmonizing family and work:

Flexible working hours, IT equipment and infrastructure for home office for scientists with children, as well as childcare for CRC parents are measures supported by the CRC. Research and Family planning are compatible (see HU press release, and Berlin Network). See the HU's strategy for harmonizing family and PhD studies (DE)

The HU's Family Support Center and KidsMobil, offer flexible childcare by experienced child care staff through KidsMobil.

Childcare in the home or parent-child room, during conferences and professional events in the evening, on weekends or in the case of a child's illness, when your child is aged 4 months to 14 years; during conferences and professional events in the evening hours or on weekends or when your child is ill; if there is a strike by daycare employees or if the daycare facility is closed during your regular working hours (not holidays). For further information please contact the SFB Coordination office.