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  • Gruden K, Hren M, Herman A, Blejec A, Albrecht T, Selbig J, Bauer C, Schuchardt J, Or‐Guil M, Zupančič K, Švajger U, Štabuc B, Ihan A, Kopitar AN, Ravnikar M, Knežević M, Rožman P, Jeras MA. “crossomics” study analysing variability of different components in peripheral blood of healthy Caucasoid individuals. PLoS ONE. 2012, 7(1): e28761 Logo doi 


  • Ardebili SY, Zajc I, Gole B, Campos B, Herold Mende C, Drmota S, Lah Turnšek T. CD133/prominin1 is prognostic for GBM patient's survival, but inversely correlated with cysteine cathepsine' expression in gliobastoma derived spheroids Radiol. oncol. (Ljubl.), 2011, 45(2): 102-115 Logo doi
  • Castino R, Pucer A, Veneroni R, Morani F, Peracchio C, Lah Turnšek T, Isidoro C. Resveratrol reduces the invasive growth and promotes the acquisition of a long-lasting differentiated phenotype in human glioblastoma cells. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2011, 59(8):4264-4272  Logo doi
  • Grau S, Thorsteinsdottir J, von Baumgarten L, Winkler F, Tonn JC, Schichor C. Bevacizumab can induce reactivity to VEGF-C and -D in human brain an tumour derived endothelial cells. J. Neurooncol. 2011: 104(1):103-112 Logo doi
  • Jürchott K, Guo KT, Catchpole G, Feher K, Willmitzer L, Schichor C, Selbig J. 2011.Comparison of metabolite profiles in U87 glioma cells and mesenchymal stem cells. Biosystems 105(2): 130-139 Logo doi
  • Kenig S, Frangez R, Pucer A, Lah Turnšek T. Inhibition of cathepsin L lowers the apoptotic threshold of glioblastoma cells by up-regulating p53 and transcription of caspases 3 and 7. Apoptosis. 2011, 16(7): 671-682 Logo doi
  • Or-Guil M, Wittenbrink N, Faro J. 2011. Aspects of modeling antibody affinity maturation: What data are we still missing? In: III International Symposium Proceedings Topical Problems of Biophotonics, Nizhny Novgorod, 172-173 
  • Podpecan V, Lavrac N, Mozetic I, Igor, Kralj Novak P, Trajkovski I, Langohr L, Kulovesi K, Toivonen H, Petek M, Motaln H, Gruden K. SegMine workflows for semantic microarray data analysis in Orange4WS. BMC Bioinformatics. 2011, 12: 416 Logo doi  
  • Schichor C, Albrecht V, Korte B, Buchner A, Riesenberg R, Mysliwietz J, Paron I, Motaln H, Lah Turnšek T, Jürchott K, Selbig J, Tonn JC. Mesenchymal stem cells and glioma cells form a structural as well as a functional syncytium in vitro. Experimental Neurology. 2011, Dec 29 Logo doi
  • Weiser AA, Wittenbrink N, Zhang L, Schmelzer AI, Valai A, Or-Guil M. 2011. Affinity maturation of B cells involves not only a few but a whole spectrum of relevant mutations. Int Immunol 23:345-356 Logo doi
  • Wittenbrink N, Klein A, Weiser AA, Schuchhardt J, Or-Guil M. 2011. Is there a typical germinal center? A large-scale immunohistological study on the cellular composition of germinal centers during the hapten-carrier-driven primary immune response in mice. J Immunol. 2011;187(12): 6185-6196 Logo doi
  • Wittenbrink N, Or-Guil M. 2011. Is there a typical germinal center? In: Proceedings III International Symposium Topical Problems of Biophotonics, Nizhny Novgorod, 203-204


  • Kenig S, Durán Alonso B, Mueller MM, Lah Turnšek T. Glioblastoma and endothelial cells cross- talk, mediated by SDF-1, enhances tumour invasion and endothelial proliferation by increasing expression of cathepsins B, S, and MMP-9. Cancer Lett.(2010) 289(1): 53-61 Logo doi 
  • Lah Turnšek T, Nanni I, Trinkhaus M, Metellus P, Dussert C, deRidder L, Rajcevic U, Blejec A, Martin P-M. Toward understanding recurrent meningioma: the potential role of lysosomal cysteine proteases and their inhibitors. J. Neurosurg. 2010, 112 (5): 940-950  Logo doi
  • Motaln H, Schichor C, Lah Turnšek T: Human mesenchymal stem cells and their use in cell-based therapies. Cancer. 116(2010) 2519-2530 Logo doi
  • Mozetic I, Lavrac N, Podpecan V, Kralj Novak P, Motaln H, Petek M, Gruden K, Toivonen H, Kulovesi K. Bisociative knowledge discovery for microarray data analysis. V: VENTURA, Dan (ur.). Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational, ICCC-X, Creativity, Jan 2010, Lisbon, Portugal. University of Coimbra, Department of Informatics Engineering 2010: 190-199  
  • Pucer A, Castino R, Mirkovic B, Falnoga I, Slejkovec Z, Isidoro C, Lah Turnšek T. Differential role of cathepsins B and L in autophagy-associated cell death induced by arsenic trioxide in U87 human glioblastoma cells. Biol Chem. 2010, 391(5): 519-531  
  • Rotter A, Novak PK, Baebler S, Toplak N, Blecej A, Lavrac N, Gruden K. Gene expression data analysis using closed itemset mining for labeled data. OMICS (2010) 14(2): 177-186  Logo doi
  • Torsvik A, Røsland GV, Svendsen A, Molven A, Immervoll H, McCormack E, Lønning PE, Primon M, Sobala E, Tonn JC, Goldbrunner R, Schichor C, Mysliwietz J, Lah Turnšek T, Motaln H, Knappskog S, Bjerkvig R: Spontaneous malignant transformation of human mesenchymal stem cells reflects cross-contamination: putting the research field on track. Cancer Res. 70(2010)6393-6396 Logo doi
  • Wittenbrink N, Klein A, Weber T, Weiser AA, Zuschratter W, Sibila M, Schuchhardt JOr-Guil M. Broad volume distributions indicate non-synchronised growth and suggest sudden collapses of germinal center B cell populations.  Journal of Immunology. 2010, 184(3): 1339-1347 Logo doi


  • Colin C, Voutsinos Porche B, Nanni I, Fina F, Metellus P, Intagliata D, Baeza N, Bouvier C, Delfino C, Loundou A, Chinot O, Lah Turnšek T, Kos J, Martin P-M, Ooufik L'H, Figarella-Branger D. High expression of cathepsin B and plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 are strong predictors of survival in glioblastomas. Acta Neuropathol. 2009, 118: 745-754  Logo doi
  • Gole B, Duran Alonso MB, Dolenc V, Lah Turnšek T. Post-translational regulation of cathepsin B, but not of other cysteine cathepsins, contributes to increased glioblastoma cell invasiveness in vitro. Pathol Oncol Res. 2009, 15(4): 711-723 Logo doi
  • Lavrač N, Kralj Novak P,  Mozetič I, Podpečan V, Motaln H, Petek M, Gruden K. Semantic Subgroup Discovery: Using Ontologies in Microarray Data Analysis. EMBC 2009 Logo doi
  • Motaln H, Schichor C, Lah TT. Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Their Use in Cell-Based Therapies. Review article. Cancer (2010) 116(11): 2519-2530 Logo doi
  • Mozetič I, Podpečan V, Motaln H, Petek M, Gruden K. Semantic Subgroup Discovery: Using Ontologies in Microarray Data Analysis. EMBC 2009 Logo doi
  • Røsland GV, Svendsen A, Torsvik A, Sobala E, McCormack Immervoll H, Mysliwietz J, Tonn JC, Goldbrunner R, Lonning PE, Bjerkvig R, Schichor C. Long-term cultures of bone marrow-derived human mesenchymal stem cells frequently undergo spontaneous malignant transformation. Cancer Res. (2009) 69(13): 5331-5339 Logo doi
  • Strojnik T, Kavalar R, Zajc I, Diamandis EP, Oikonomopoulou K, Lah Turnšek T. Prognostic impact of CD68 and kallikrein 6 in human glioma. Anticancer res. 2009, 29(8): 3269-3279




  • Lah Turnšek T, Obermajer N, Duran Alonso MB, Kos J. Cysteine cathepsins and cystatins as cancer biomarkers. V: EDWARDS, Dylan R. The cancer degradome : proteases and cancer biology. New York: Springer, 2008: 585-623 
  • Metellus P, Nanni I, Trinkhaus M, Lah Turnšek T. Implications pronostiques de différents marqueurs biologiques das lens méningiomes intracrâniens : à propos de 120 cas = Prognostic implications of biologic markers in intracranial meningiomas : 120 cases. Neuro-chir. (Paris). 2008, 54(6): 750-756 Logo doi
  • Rotter AHren M, Baebler Š, Blejec A, Gruden K. Finding differentially expressed genes in two-channel DNA microarray datasets: how to increase reliability of data preprocessing. Omics (2008) 12(3): 171-182. Logo doi




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