Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Biology


Kathrin Nowak, Annette Upmeier zu Belzen

Shaping and Diagnosis of Horizontal Cross-Linking in Chemistry and Biology Classes at the First Level of Secondary Schools


Horizontal cross-linking of chemical and biological topics in class is explicitly requested by the core curriculum for secondary schools, as for example in Berlin. However in the field of educational research concerning the didactics of science it is still unknown how such a cross-linking could be described and furthermore which its relevant cognitive factors for the psychology of learning are.
This project tries to constitute horizontal cross-linking and investigate its effects on student performance. For this purpose a model for the field of epistemological competence will be designed and empirically tested.
In a survey and a following video-study the validity of this model will be tested. The control samples are made up of 500 teachers as well as 50 lessons in the 9th and 10th grade of secondary schools (25 teachers with two lessons each), both of which are related to Chemistry and Biology in equal parts.
The student performance will be surveyed in the 25 corresponding classes.