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Ralf Merkel, Annette Upmeier zu Belzen

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Teacher Education, Acquisition of Competence during the Master of Education


On the basis of the Angebot-Nutzungs-Modell by Helmke (2009), theory-based and empirically proved knowledge for the formation of cross-linked knowledge structures and operational competence shall be gained for the Master of Education in the fields of Biology, German and Business and Economics education. By developing a reference model, the current design of the didactic modules during the Master will be analysed in quantitative and qualitative studies. Afterwards they will be adapted and tested with regard to their effectiveness.

On the one hand the structures of the modules with special consideration of cross-linking and competence advancement and on the other hand the students’ usage patterns will be regarded on the level of a micro-system. On the level of a meso- and exo-system the controlling structures in and between universities will be analysed for the specific field of teacher education. By connecting qualitative and quantitative data, cross-linked knowledge structures and operational competence on the students’ level as well as a general improvement of the didactic Master program shall be initiated.