Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Collaborative Research Center for Theoretical Biology


Bereich A:
A1 Correlation between regulatory DNA sequences and gene expression data based on the comparative analysis of non-coding regions between human and mouse M. Vingron
C. Sers
A3 Modelling of signalling cascades – the impact of the RAS pathway on transcriptional targets R. Schäfer
N. Blüthgen
A4 The role of the circadian clock in tumour development/progression A. Kramer
H. Herzel
A5 Understanding the biological function of HEAT-repeat containing human proteins E. Wanker
M. Andrade
Bereich B:
B1 Processing of highly relevant acoustic signals by a sensory system – physiological basis and evolutionary constraints of neuronal feature extraction B. Ronacher
S. Schreiber
B3 Synaptic conductances during sharp wave-ripple complexes D. Schmitz
R. Kempter
M. Brecht
B4 Title: High-frequency (600 Hz) components in primate EEG: Analysis and modelling of sub-millisecond coherence of cortical stimulus-evoked 'population spike bursts' G. Curio
R. Kempter
B6 In a few computational steps from sensory representation to feature extraction and object recognition M. Hennig
M. Nawrot
B7 Glutamate receptor trafficking in the integration of short- and long-term synaptic plasticity S. Sigrist
H. Herzel
Bereich C:
C1 Host manipulation by parasitic endosymbionts: Combining proximate and ultimate approaches P. Hammerstein
C3 Integration of signal transduction and cytokine expression in T helper lymphocytes T. Höfer
M. Löhning
A. Radbruch
C6 Neuronal excitation as a perturbation of the energetic and osmotic homeostasis: Implications for robust network behaviour H. Holzhütter
O. Kann
C7 Membrane biogenesis modelling of a Toxoplasma gondii-infected human cell and deduction of underlying metabolic principles N. Gupta
H. Holzhütter
R. Lucius
C8 Theory-based prediction of drug targets in biological networks E. Klipp
Bereich Z:
Z Central tasks of the Collaborative Research Centre P. Hammerstein