Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Molekulare Parasitologie


Neueste Publikationen (2023):


Van Le ML, Müller LM, Stach, T (2023). The oral sensory organs in Bathochordaeus stygius (Tunicata Appendicularia) are unique in structure and homologous to the coronal organ. Front Zool 20, 40.


Weber N, Nagy M, Markotter W, Schaer J, Puechmaille S, Sutton J, Dávalos L, Dusabe MC, Ejotre I, Fenton MB, Knörnschild M, López-Baucells A, Medellin R, Metz M, Mubareka S, Nsengimana O, O´Mara MT, Racey P, Tuttle M, Twizeyimana I, Vicente-Santos A, Tschapka M, Voigt C, Wikelski M, Dechmann D, Reeder D (2023). Robust evidence for bats as reservoir hosts is lacking in most African virus studies: a review and call to optimize sampling and conserve bats. Biology Letters, 19: 20230358.


Thiombiano NG, Boungou M, Chabi BAM, Oueda A, Werb O, Schaer J. (2023) First investigation of blood parasites of bats in Burkina Faso detects Hepatocystis parasites and infections with diverse Trypanosoma spp. Parasitology Research.