Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Physiologie pflanzlicher Zellorganellen

Group for 'Physiology of Plant Cell Organelles'

The work of the group for ‚Physiology of Plant Cell Organelles‘ is dedicated to the understanding of the physiological aspects and molecular mechanisms, allowing plants to acclimate to an everchanging environment. During recent years it became evident that changes in growth parameters, such as light intensity and temperature, are perceived by chloroplasts. There, the stimuli are translated into signals to modify the expression of genes in the nucleus needed to cope with the new environment. Using physiological, genetic and biochemical analysis, the group wants to explore the chloroplast-derived signals and components of signal transduction cascades involved in the stimulated expression of, for example, genes essential for the accumulation of photoprotective anthocyanins during acclimation. Also, the work of the group aims at the translation of findings from basic research into biotechnological applications.