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The Systems Immunology Lab






The Systems Immunology Lab focuses on basic and translational immunological research in academic, clinics and industry collaborations.

Our subjects of interest are:

  • To unveil fundamental characteristics, modules and design principles of immune system function
  • To exploit the full potential of serum antibodies as early diagnostic markers

The approach we pursue is strongly interdisciplinary, and mathematical models and data analysis are seen as important tools for data interpretation.

Examples of the Lab’s commitment include: i) the development of combined hard- and software tools for monitoring of antibody key features such as specificity, affinity, cross-reactivity and lot-to-lot consistency, and ii) the development of an all-in-one tool which bundles biomarker extraction, validation and clinical application of antibody signatures for diagnostics, monitoring and prognosis.

The Lab has also a leading role in a systems medicine approach to personalized immunosuppressive treatment following kidney transplantation (e:KID consortium), where it provides management support, designs mathematical models and performs multi-omics bioinformatics data analysis for the improvement of medical decisions.

The Lab provides furthermore contract research and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Design and execution of antibody-based immunoassay applications (especially protein and peptides arrays, ELISA, flow cytometry)
  • Automated data analysis for antibody-based immunoassay applications
  • Biomarker extraction and validation strategies
  • Statistics, bioinformatics, and immuno-bioinformatics support for the analysis of experimental and clinical data




Dr. Michal Or-Guil

Institute for Medical Immunology

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin