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Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin - Department of Biology

Botany & Arboretum

The Botany & Arboretum working group has two locations and conducts research on two thematic complexes:

systematic botany at the Späth-Arboretum of Humboldt-Universität in Berlin-Baumschulenweg and

plant developmental biology at the Berlin-Mitte site.


Systematic botany

We explore and describe the diversity of vascular plants. Our geographical focus is on (central) Africa, Madagascar and the Caribbean region. The monilophytes (ferns and horsetails) and lycophytes (clubmosses) as well as the orchids are the plant groups that are currently of particular interest to us. We use morphological and molecular systematic methods to elucidate relationships between taxa and to understand the evolution of biodiversity in space and time. We are also involved in nature conservation and public environmental education.

Standort Arboretum BaumschulenwegSpäth-Arboretum
der Humboldt-Universität
Späthstraße 80/81 | 12437 Berlin
Phone: (030) 2093 983-60, -61, -63
Fax: (030) 2093 98366
Email: arboretum(a)hu-berlin.de

Head: Thomas Janßen, Dr.

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Plant developmental biology

We develop and use somatic embryogenesis and in vitro culture techniques for woody plants (conifers, poplars) and orchids for the preservation and identical reproduction of genetic material with desirable sylvicultural or horticultural properties as well as for the conservation of endangered wild plants.


Standort Berlin-Mitte

Invalidenstraße 42 | 10115 Berlin
Phone: (030) 2093 98375
Fax: (030) 2093 98381

Email: botarb-biologie(a)hu-berlin.de

Head: Kurt Zoglauer, Prof. Dr.

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