Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Experimentelle Biophysik/Mechanobiologie (Juniorprofessur)

Margherita Bernero


ETH Zürich
Department for Health Sciences and Technology






I am a Master student in Prof. Enrico Klotzsch's group and am working on T cell mechanobiology, in particular on the cellular response to mechanical stimuli such as compression. Mechanobiology is of special interest to me because in recent years it has become more evident that besides chemical and biological signals, also physical properties of a cell's microenvironment play a crucial role in its regulation and fate in vivo. Thus, it is important to study the impact of varying mechanical signals on cells in vitro, especially when aiming to describe and understand cellular mechanisms in their physiological environment. Here, I am mainly working with real-time quantitative-PCR to measure the cell response on a transcriptional level. Ultimately, new insights into the regulation of T cell activation via various mechanical stimuli could lead to advances in T cell-based therapies.



Short CV:

2019 – 2021, Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (Molecular Bioengineering Track) at ETH Zürich

2020, Semester Project "T cell response to mechanical confinement" with Prof. Enrico Klotzsch and Prof. Viola Vogel, Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology at ETH Zürich

2016-2019, Bachelor of Science in Biology at ETH Zürich

2019, Exchange Semester, Bachelor of Science in Biology at The University of British Columbia