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Experimentelle Biophysik/Mechanobiologie (Juniorprofessur)

Prof. Dr. Enrico Klotzsch

Prof. Dr. Enrico Klotzsch


Structure - not only on the molecular level – defines function. Our group aims in bridging the gap between structural and cell biology, particularly to decipher the mechanical aspects of how cells sense and react to their environment.  This includes asking how cells employ forces to probe the interaction to other molecules such as receptor-ligand interactions to switch biochemical function, i.e. T-cell activation, migration or their interaction with the extracellular matrix. Furthermore we investigate how these insights can be exploited for biomedical applications.

We use state-of-the-art single molecule microscopy techniques such as super-resolution microscopy, AFM and optical tweezer to gain insights into general aspects of mechanobiology, membrane biophysics, neurobiology and immunology.

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