Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Experimentelle Biophysik

Dr. Ramprasad Misra



Room:    410


Tel:      (030) 2093 98278




In August 2020, I joined the research group of Prof. Peter Hegemann in the Humboldt University of Berlin as a Scientific Researcher (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter). My current research work deals with the studies of cryo-EM structure as well as function of enzymerhodopsins. Earlier to this, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate in the group of Prof. Mordechai (Mudi) Sheves in the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. In Weizmann Institute I worked on the molecular mechanism for thermal stability of microbial retinal proteins and designing of novel rhodopsin-carotenoid light-harvesting complexes using several spectroscopic techniques. My research works involved expression and purification of several retinal proteins, followed by spectroscopic studies to understand their properties at the molecular level.




Ghosh, M.; Misra, R.; Jung, K.H.; Sheves, M. Retinal-Carotenoid Interactions in a Sodium Ion-Pumping Rhodopsin: Implications on Oligomerization and Thermal Stability. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2023.

Samanta, P.K.; Misra, R. Intramolecular Charge Transfer for Optical Applications. Journal of Applied Physics 2023, 133, 020901. (Invited perspective)


Misra, R.; Hirshfeld, A.; Sheves. M. Molecular Mechanism for Thermal Denaturation of Thermophilic Rhodopsin. Chemical Science 2019, 10, 7365-7374.


Misra, R.; Eliash, T.; Sudo, Y.; Sheves. M. Carotenoid-retinal Interaction in a Thermophilic Rhodopsin. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 2019, 123, 10-20.


Iyer, E.S.S.; Misra, R.; Maity, A.; Liubashevski, O.; Sudo, Y.; Sheves, M.; Ruhman, S. Temperature Independence of Ultrafast Photo-isomerization in Thermophilic Rhodopsin: Assessment vs Other Microbial Proton Pumps. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138, 12401-12407.