Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Experimentelle Biophysik

Dr. Wiebke Apel

Wiebke Office

Room:    404


Tel:      (030) 2093 8646

After a Phd and postdocs in molecular plant science, I switched to lab managing and now enjoy working with people rather than pipettes.


- Managing grant applications (DFG, EU)

- Organizing conferences (17th ICRP ( and workshops

- Managing project finances

- Website design

- HU Kinderuni






Volkan Cevik, Freddy Boutrot, Wiebke Apel, Alexandre Robert-Seilaniantz, Oliver J. Furzer, Amey Redkar, Baptiste Castel, Paula X. Kover, David C. Prince, Eric B. Holub, and Jonathan D. G. Jones (2019), Transgressive segregation reveals mechanisms of Arabidopsis immunity to Brassica-infecting races of white rust (Albugo candida) PNAS


Jean-David Rochaix, Changhong Kim, Wiebke Apel (2018), Klaus Apel (1942-2017): a pioneer of photosynthesis research. Photosynth Res.


Zhirong Li, Graham Peers, Rachel M. Dent, Yong Bai, Scarlett Y. Yang, Wiebke Apel, Lauriebeth Leonelli & Krishna K. Niyogi (2016), Evolution of an atypical de-epoxidase for photoprotection in the green lineage. Nature Plants, 



Wiebke Apel, Waltraud X Schulze, and Ralph Bock (2010), Identification of protein stability determinants in chloroplasts. The Plant Journal, resolveuid/07805c1a53b644bc8f25eb09474de3e0


Wiebke Apel and Ralph Bock (2009),Enhancement of Carotenoid Biosynthesis in Transplastomic Tomatoes by Induced Lycopene-to-Provitamin A Conversion. Plant Physiology, resolveuid/f169fba093b841d7be70b3377a24833e