Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Experimentelle Biophysik

Dr. Roman Fudim



Room:    401


Tel:      (030) 2093 8686


The scope of my project is the mechanism underlying the bistability of the so-called non-visual opsins. Opsins are a group of transmembrane photoreceptor proteins which cover all domains of life. What they all have in common is the chromophore Retinal which is covalently linked to a Lysin residue in their seventh transmembrane helix. Under a light pulse of a certain wavelength the protein undergoes a conformational change which elicits some sort of downstream signal, i.e. G-Protein signaling, Ion-flux et cetera. Usually the chromophore is than hydrolyzed and has to be recovered by a certain isomerase, or the protein recovers into the initial dark state by undergoing a certain photocycle.

The opsins I work with behave differently. They have two stable states and can be switched from one to another with light of a certain wavelength - what makes them “molecular switches” with an “on” and “off” configuration. These proteins play an important role in various organisms, e.g. controlling circadian clock, G-protein coupled signaling. However, their molecular functioning still lacks understanding.

Therefore, my aim is to study different kinds of bistable opsins and characterize them spectroscopically using UV/Vis, Transient Absorption, IR and Raman spectroscopy.  Another important part is to investigate the structural architecture which allows the protein to work as it does. The first step is to establish a system for heterologous expression with a high-protein yield. Therefore, I am working with different kinds of cell systems. This project is in close collaboration with Ulrike Scheib who will investigate the downstream signaling of bistable variants.



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