Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Experimentelle Biophysik

Arend Vogt



Room:    002


Tel:       (030) 2093 8897


Light-driven pumps have been intensively investigated over the last decades mainly by spectroscopic means and were recently employed in optogenetics for silencing of neuronal activity and for voltage sensing. Surprisingly, the knowledge about the electrophysiological properties of ion pumps in living cells is still poor. My work focusses on microbial pumps using two-microelectrode voltage-clamp measurements (TEVC) on Xenopus leavis oocytes. For example, the proteorhodopsin-like pump from cyanobacterium Gloeobacter violaceus (GR) is characterized by an inward directed proton flux at high electrochemical load, i.e. negative voltage and low pH (Vogt A and Wietek J, Hegemann P., 2013). Furthermore, subjects of my work are investigations of the gating mechanism of channelrhodopsins as well as color tuning facilitated by retinal analogs.



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*equal contribution