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For text protocol see Jove-Publication April 2018


Fatty Acid 13C Isotopologue Profiling Provides Insight into Trophic Carbon Transfer and Lipid Metabolism of Invertebrate Consumers

Ralph Menzel, Rainer Nehring, Dilara Simsek, Liliane Ruess.
Ecology, Institut of Biology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



  • 00:04 Title
  • 00:45 Cultivation of Animals
  • 03:08 Lipid Extraction from Animal Tissue and Methanolysis
  • 05:19 Quantification of Fatty Acids by GC-FID and 13C Analysis by Isotopologue Profiling
  • 08:29 Fatty Acid 13C Isotopologue Profiling in Collembola
  • 10:32 Conclusion