Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Ecology

Miriam van Bommel

carbon and energy flux in soil food webs, analyze nematode taxonomy, trophic diversity, impact of grazing nematodes on the microbiome, interactions between grazers, tracing isotopically labeled carbon, nematode metabolic footprints.


I’m interested in carbon & energy flux in soil food webs. I’m eager to analyze nematode taxonomy, trophic diversity & abundance. My research firstly focuses on the impact of grazing nematodes on the microbiome, secondly on the interactions between grazers and thirdly on the effect on different soil conditions on grazers, all in relation to carbon & energy flux. The aim of my research is to grow our understanding of soil food web carbon flux that is stored in biomass & necromass by tracing isotopically labeled carbon from plant matter to the microbiome to grazers, using PLFASIP (Stable Isotope Probing) & nematode metabolic footprints.


M.Sc. Miriam van Bommel


Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
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